Winner of nine FD Gazelles

Be proud of  your our
code as TypeScript Engineer

As a TypeScript Engineer, you ensure the continuous development of the back end of our SaaS mainstream TMS application. We, like you, are endlessly ambitious and aim to become the best TMS in the world. You see it as your challenge to keep innovating further.

Within a team that collaborates based on trust, with a mentality where we strive to improve every day.

Take your chance:

Salary from €4.000 to €6.000
Laptopbudget of €4.000
5% free playground time

It's nice to notice that within MendriX, the whole team is working to maintain high customer satisfaction. This allows me to build good relationships and continuously advance both the customer and MendriX.

Wim - TMS Sales

You get:

A suitable salary between €4.000 and €6.000
Pension scheme and travel expenses
Free to use comfort budget of €400
Laptop budget of € 4.000
Room for input/development
Freedom and responsibility
Work-from-home, day allowance, €375 budget
Once a week in the office with the team
Innovative projects within our own standard software
5% free playground time
Education budget
A safe environment and accessible managers

You have:

Proud of your code!
Enjoyment in learning and solving puzzles together
Building cool innovations
Ownership and an opinion
Good JavaScript/TypeScript skills
Familiar with SOLID, TDD, and DDD patterns
Preferred: FD/DDD
Node.js. REST, microservices
Eager to learn, curious, and headstrong
Passion for new technologies
Fluent enough in English

You will work in a team with short communication lines that is ready to support each other and truly collaborates.

With knowledge of SOLID principles, you will write 80% of your code in Node.js/TypeScript. You are responsible for developing the back-end components within our SaaS mainstream TMS application. Do you want to keep learning and also teach us things or ask critical questions? Are you looking for ambitious colleagues in a safe work environment to truly collaborate on product development? Do you follow the latest techniques in the field? Are you able to translate our product owner's challenges into fantastic code you can be proud of? Then you will fit perfectly in our team!

We have the ambition to implement the best available solution for our customers and double our revenue in the coming years. As a TypeScript Engineer, you, along with your colleagues, ensure that we stay at the forefront of technical advancements, allowing us to achieve our ambition!

As a TypeScript Engineer, you naturally determine how to organize your day. You get the freedom you need to optimally contribute to the development of our back-end.

An example of what your day might look like:


You start the day with a coffee and catch up with your colleagues (possibly digitally).


Time to think about which problems you want to solve today. Every major development happens step by step.


Writing code, adjusting because the chosen path isn't feasible, and trying out some new techniques.


Time for lunch. Yesterday, you went on the lunch walk; today, you grab a sandwich at the shopping center.


Brainstorming with your team members to see if there are any new ideas for today's challenges.


Today you stop early; yesterday you were working late because you gained new insights on the couch.


In the evening, you relax on the couch, thinking back on the day with pleasure and looking forward to tomorrow.

That's why you fit
so well at MendriX.

As a TypeScript Engineer, you are proud of the code you write. Together with your colleagues, you work daily on innovating and improving our product. Thanks to your efforts, we can provide the best possible software for transport companies.

A warm welcome

Your colleagues give you a warm welcome and show you that we prioritize our people above all else.

Better every day

Everyone adopts a mentality where we strive to be better every day than the day before.


At MendriX, you receive freedom, responsibility, and independence within a context of trust.


Your growth and our growth go hand in hand. That's why we support your development, wherever you want it to go.

Top of the market

We are among the top of the market. Nine FD Gazelles awards and a 25th position in the Main 50 confirm that we strive to be the best.

Short communication lines

Within a development team of twelve people, you are certainly not just a number. We are a flat organization with short communication lines.

What about those conditions exactly?

You are entitled to the best job for you. Naturally, this includes the best conditions. Below, we have highlighted a few so you know exactly what you can expect from us.

Free to use comfort budget of €400

We want our employees to work as comfortably as possible. For this, you get a free budget that you can spend on anything. Whether you want heated slippers, headphones, or a balance ball as a desk chair. Your budget, your choice.

Remote work, allowance, and budget

We are completely fine with remote work! For this, you receive an allowance to cover costs you would otherwise save on, like coffee. Additionally, you get a €375 budget to set up your home workspace.

Room for input/development

As a TypeScript Engineer, you are constantly innovating our software and keeping up with the latest techniques. Do you think we can become even better? Bring it on! Your input helps us all move forward.

Education budget

You have control over your own personal growth and development. We don't require you to follow specific courses or training; you can decide this entirely for yourself. We tailor your budget to your needs.

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